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Collaborate With Us! 

If you believe, as we do, that every person has the inherent right to determine the course of their life, then please consider this invitation to help shape a new and different statewide membership association. Already incorporated as The Collaborative for Citizen Directed Supports New Jersey, we are seeking organizations & people committed in purpose or in promise to the provision of conflict-free individualized services.

We know we can be incredible together.

Think of all the good organizations that believe in citizen-directed support do with people with disabilities. Now imagine what they could do united.


At the Collaborative of Citizen Directed Support New Jersey, we’re banding together to promote citizen direction.


We’re forming even stronger networks and more passionate partnerships giving the power back to the people because every citizen has the right to determine their life.


Viewing each individual as the full person they are we know people from every walk of life and ability can lead rewarding journeys in their own homes and communities, especially when they are in independent control of their services!


That’s why we’re we want to find better ways of sharing our expertise. As part of the Collaborative, you’ll gain the know-how to confidently support clients in whatever way is right and we recognize that our best resources truly are each other.

Complete this form to join us as a member in collaboration. 

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