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Direct Support Professional Agencies
Can Join The Interactive Map

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Direct Support Professional Agencies: 
How to Join 
The Interactive Map

How-to Steps:

1. Complete this Form

2. A Collaborative team member will email you the Terms of Service. Sign the Terms of Service and return to The Collaborative.

3. Upon receipt of your signed Terms of Service, The Collaborative will send you your DSP agency listing form. This form is private and viewable only to you and The Collaborative. 

4. Complete your DSP agency form so that your listings will be made “live” on The Map. 


5. Update the availability of your DSPs each week, by Thursday the latest. Your DSP agency listings will be made “live” on The Map each Friday. **Please note, if you do not update your listing each week, the prior week’s listing will still remain “live” on The Map. 


6. A Collaborative member will reach out to you prior to your Map membership and postings expiration. You will have an option to renew at that time. If you choose not to renew your Map membership, your listings/postings will be removed upon your membership expiration. 

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